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The microphone input accepts a Switchcraft TA5F connector and supplies 5.1 volts dc to pin 2.
Remote Talkback comes with a lapel microphone suitable for communication between remote sites and studio intercom systems. You can upgrade by using any broadcast quality 2 or 3 wire positive bias lavalier microphone.
Optional cables:
Camera out XLR +4 line to TA5F mic level, RCA -10 line to TA5F mic level, XLR mic level to TA5F mic level.
Open the rear battery door to access a 12 turn trim pot. Use a very small screwdriver to adjust.
Gain - clockwise, trim - counter clockwise.
This rotary control serves as both an off / on switch and as a volume control. The unit is turned off when the control is in the extreme counter clockwise position and the volume is loudest when the control is in the extreme clockwise position as indicated on the volume pot.
Volume Off / On Control
Earphone Jack
Remote Talkback is designed for use with in ear audio clarifiers and accepts a 3.5 mm mono plug. For camera operators who want to monitor with stereo headphones an optional 3.5mm to XLR cable is available that allows the second output of the splitter to be connected to the second microphone input of a camera. The operator can then hear the talents microphone and the IFB feed using the camera's monitoring system.
Microphone Off / On Switch
The mic off / on switch turns the microphone output to the cell phone on or off.
Microphone Input
Microphone Input Gain / Trim
Power Requirements
Remote Talkback operates from its own 9 - volt battery. Remove the rear battery cover to access.
2.5 mm Plug and Cable
The attached cable and three conductor 2.5 mm plug is compatible with devices that accept a generic 3rd party universal hands free headset. The tip is the microphone, the ring is the mono earpiece and the sleeve is ground.
While some cell phones have a 2.5mm jack others require an adapter to convert their connector into a 2.5mm jack.
Remote Talkback does not work with stereo cell phones, which use a four conductor 2.5mm plug or walkie-talkie type phones even in cell phone mode.
Operating Features